Support the Arts

A few months ago I posted an update by video about supporting local businesses and especially your local artistic sector businesses.As things open and we fall back into old habits of buying from big chains and forgetting those local business that seemed so important during lockdown remember that many creative businesses are still totally unable to open. These businesses will need your support more than ever with an uncertain winter period ahead jobs in theatre, music, art, fitness, dance and many other creative industries.

Creative businesses are by their very nature creative. They will seek to be ever pushing forward, adapting to new technologies and always doing new things. But being creative and changing how we run our business to include filmmaking, podcasts, youtube, learning how to use new technologies to deliver services in every more creative ways does not mean that these business will not need you help or support.

We have changed everything we do in lockdown, learned new techniques, upgraded equipment, launched an online TV show and adapted because that’s what creative people do but many of our friends and colleges in the creative arts simply haven’t had that option and will be facing financial hardship, loss of jobs earnings and long term careers.

So support the arts as fervently and generously as you do any other local business and remember that someones ability to paint, dance, sing, knit, craft, train, act, light, design, direct, write, script, sew has value.

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